Questions Asked in CCD Class

Do I have to get confirmed?

What is the best age to get confirmed?
What is confirmation all about?
Why do I have to do service hours to get confirmed?
Do I have to go to mass?
Who is a good confirmation sponsor?

What's the difference between "Christians" and "Catholics"?

Why do kids ask this question?
Origin of the Christian denominations
Free will and salvation
Support for the two viewpoints of free will
Being saved: A personal relationship with God
What's different about communion?
Differences in preaching and service structure
Why are Mary and the saints so important?
Are we supposed to read the Bible?
How important is the Bible?
It's really just between you and God

Is it a sin to miss mass?

How can Jesus be God and God's son?

Did you stay a virgin until you got married?

What does "INRI" mean on the crucifix?

What's it like for people in heaven?

What does the Bible say about divorce?

Where can I look for resources about:

Government website about bullying
More very informative bullying resources
Specific to cyberbullying
Character Education (teaching morality)
Bible stories retold for youth

Do I have to believe in purgatory?

Do you believe in evolution?

Why can't church be more fun?


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Answers on this page were written by Paul Katula for a religious education (CCD) class at St. Damian (Oak Forest, Ill.) Catholic Church. The views expressed represent those of the author only. Any connection between the author and St. Damian Catholic Church, the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Roman Catholic church, or any organization whatsoever is invalid and irrelevant.