A Good Samaritan
Based on Luke 10:30–37 ORIGINAL STORY

I was trying out for a new travel volleyball team. I didnít know anyone at the tryout, so I felt insecure.

Itís normal for the players to pair up and practice together with a partner. Most of the girls there were with groups of people. A lot of them were from the same school.

Since I went to the tryout alone, I didnít have a partner. My mom started warming up with me.

I felt really stupid. The other girls just ignored me as if I wasnít there. I wanted to cry. I told my mom I just wanted to leave, because I didnít feel good. My stomach was hurting, but I think it was from nerves.

All of a sudden, a girl walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to pass with her — that means warm up with her. A heavy weight was lifted off me. It felt so good to be asked to join in. The girl and I warmed up until it was time to start the tryout.

During the tryout, she talked to me and included me whenever she could. After she started talking to me, other girls started talking to me too. The tryouts went great, and I made the team.

I know that this girl, whom Iíve never met before, helped me that day. When I wanted to give up, she gave me a reason to stay. She was truly ďa good Samaritan.Ē