Based on David and Goliath ORIGINAL STORY

“Hi, Matt,” said Matt’s friend Jimmy.

“Hi, how is our man Marcus doing?” Matt said.

“How do you think?” Jimmy asked. “He’s boxing Dominic.”

“Oh, yeah?” replied Matt.

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, a loud bang was heard. Both Matt and Jimmy looked to the ring, and sure enough, there was Marcus lying face down on the mat.

“See, the match was only one round,” Jimmy said. “Marcus was even lucky to get through half of the first round.”

As Dominic was jumping around in the ring, the owner of the gym, Mr. Hopper, walked by. “How are my two best workers doing this fine, fine evening?” he asked.

“Oh, we’re doing OK, I guess,” Matt said. “Is Marcus OK? He hit that ground pretty funny.”

“He’ll be fine,” Mr. Hopper replied. “Don’t worry about it. He has a hard head.”

“Have you heard the news?” Jimmy asked. “Dom is putting up a challenge to prove he is the best boxer in the town.”

“Really?” Matt asked. “I didn’t think he had the guts to put up that challenge.”

For the rest of the night, Matt and Jimmy worked in the gym, talking about the different boxers and maybe who might be able to take down Dominic. At Matt’s house, in the middle of the night, he had a phone call from Mr. Hopper, saying to come down to the gym right away, that he needed his help.

So, Matt jumped in his car and drove to the gym. He asked Mr. Hopper what he wanted, and Mr. Hopper said that he wanted Matt to box.

And Matt said he would do it, but he wanted to know who he was boxing against. And sure enough, it was the biggest, best trained, and the toughest boxer — Dominic.

As soon as Matt stepped into the ring, Dominic was bragging that he would set a world record for the shortest boxing match in the world. Dominic was also making fun of Mr. Hopper, about how he was so stupid asking a little worker to box a great, well-trained fighter.

Matt didn’t really appreciate that comment toward Mr. Hopper and told the ref to start the match.

Since Dominic was so big, he wasn’t that fast, so he didn’t move, and Matt darted toward him. Matt knew he only had one shot at him before Dominic would unload on him, so he gathered all his strength into one punch and threw a left hook and got Dominic square in the eye.

And as hard as a sack of potatoes, Dominic hit the floor.

From now on, in that little gym in Chicago, Matt was a legend for taking down the great Dominic.