Timmy Tompson and the Important Message
Based on the Book of Jonah ORIGINAL STORY

One day, a little boy named Timmy Tompson was given an important message from one of his momís business workers. He was not able to make it to the meeting this afternoon, and he asked him to make sure he gave this very important message to his mom. Timmy promised that he would.

His mom called and asked if anyone called. Timmy said, ďNope!Ē and hung up, because his mom was interrupting his video game.

It was 3:00 PM, and the meeting was about to start, and Timmyís mom was getting very nervous that her partner wasnít there. This was a very important meeting.

At 3:05, Timmyís mom was so mad that her business partner stood her up that she started screaming and yelling at everyone. She was dressed up very nicely in a white skirt and a white jacket. That didnít go good with a red face!

When she got home, she was furious. Timmy then told her the message, the one where her business partner called and said that he couldnít make it.

Timmyís mom was even more furious. She immediately sent him to his room, and he was grounded. While he was up in his room, he imagined his mom as a scary monster that used to live in his closet.

His mom felt bad for taking everything out on her son, so she went to go and talk to him. She said she was sorry, and then Timmy said he was sorry back. His mother explained that she had another meeting tomorrow, so she would be home late.

Timmy then had an idea: He would go to his motherís work and give her the message as if it were yesterday. So, the next day, when he got off the bus, he checked the messages. None. He went online for bus times. He remembered that his motherís meeting was at 5:00. The next bus was leaving in five minutes, and his momís meeting was in 20 minutes.

When he got to the office, he asked where the meeting room was. His mother was just about to start when there was a knock, knock. She said, ďCome in.Ē

Thatís when Timmy explained what happened yesterday. Everyone was very shocked and accepted his apology. His mother was very happy that her son did this, but she was still upset with him, so he was still grounded.