God Is with Me in My Rough Times
Based on Daniel 6 ORIGINAL STORY

Daniel and the Lion shows that God is always with Daniel, when Daniel believed in God. So, for my story, I would like to show that God was with me through one of my rough times, just as he was with Daniel.

On my last year softball team, I wasn’t exactly the best, nor the worst. Our team was losing by one and there were two outs, players on third and second, and I was up to bat. Nervously, I looked up at the stars and wondered if anyone could guide me to get a hit.

“Strike one!” the ump called. I tried to remember that no matter what happened, my family, friends, and God would think of me the same.

“Strike two!” the ump said again.

It was all up to this pitch to determine if I really was believing in God so he could help me win the game. Here came the pitch . . .

Line drive! I ran to first, running the two runners home. The crowd cheered with excitement, as we won the game!

I ran to the dugout with excitement as my team congratulated me. I looked up, knowing that he had guided me.

After congratulating the other team, our team went out for pizza. I guess just like in that story, I was thrown into the lions’ pit but got out, receiving an award at the end, just like Daniel and the Lion.