The Chess Club and the Football Team
Based on David and Goliath ORIGINAL STORY

There once was two school teams, a chess team and a football team. The football players teased the chess club.

All of the football players were mean, but one kid was a serious issue. He would shove kids into lockers and trip them when their hands were full.

Everyone in the chess club agreed that the harassment needed to stop. So, one day, they all dressed in their official chess club outfits.

The founder of the chess club, Bernard, got the bully of the football team, Terrance, to chase him down the hall of George Q. Johnson School. Bernard was faster than Terrance, so he ran into the chess club room and hid. Then, the rest of the chess club members ran out of the room.

When Terrance saw the bulk of the chess club running out of the room, he thought that Bernard was one of them. While Terrance chased everyone else, Bernard grabbed a king and ran after Terrance.

“Oh, Terrance!!” he called.

When Terrance heard the call from Bernard, he turned to see where he was. When Terrance did this, Bernard threw the chess club king piece at Terrance and hit him right in the head.

Terrance fell to the floor.

Just then, the other football players walked up. They told Terrance they agreed with the chess club that all his bullying needed to stop. They said that if they ever saw him bully anyone else that he would be the one to get a swirly.

Terrance was nice ever since.